Essentials Maintenance Plan

    This plan is designed to cover the essentials for an optimal performing WordPress website. If you have a website in need of maintenance that is NOT a WordPress website, please contact us to discuss.

    $99.99 monthly

    Services Breakdown

    (Performed once per month | WordPress sites ONLY)

    Premium Services
    Included in Plan
    FREE Domain Hosting
    Confirm/Update WordPress to the latest version available
    Confirm/Update WordPress Plugins to the latest version available
    Backup website database and site files
    Global CDN
    SSL Certificate
    Uptime Monitoring
    Monthly Google Analytics site traffic reporting
    Optimize the WordPress database

    Answers to FAQs

    Why do I need a Maintenance Plan?

    Different software used to build websites and search engine algorithms are constantly changing and adapting. Having a trained Software Engineer on hand to monitor the website is necessary to make updates to continue optimal performance and proactively seek opportunities to improve the site.

    Do you have 6-12 month plans?

    We do not offer semi-annual or annual plans. All of our plans are on a monthly basis.

    May I cancel anytime?

    Yes, you are under no obligation to continue the ongoing service. We just ask you to give us 30 days' notice so we can carry out our last thorough updates of the website and remove our administrator credentials. Please note: There are NO refunds provided, prorated or otherwise, should you decide to cancel before your plan expires.