About Wright Associates

Wright Associates is a Personal Wealth Management Firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Wright Associates needed a website which showcased their services, hosted a resource center for existing clients, and serve as a useful asset to help get more clients.

How we helped:

User Research

Through a series of collaborative human-centered-design exercises, we got a deep understanding of the visitors' background, motivations, and pain points.

Content Strategy

We helped ensure the website had an authentic voice which was clear and consistent throughout the site. The sitemap was constructed to ensure no pages were more than a few clicks away.


We created a sleek, modern design aesthetic which was tailored to help achieves the business objectives aligned on during the beginning of the project.


The site was built with mobile responsiveness in mind so there is no diminishment of the user experience regardless of device or browser. We leveraged HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery and built this on top of the WordPress CMS to ensure it is seamless to update content.


After launch, we provided all the tools and tutorials needed to maintain the website, but we have helped out with analytics tracking, security monitoring, and adding new pages.

Responsive. Attentive. Helpful in developing message and content. Capable of improvisation. Able to generate good clean attractive layouts without micro management. A fair price for the work they undertake. We’ve hired them twice and would hire them again. I believe you can trust them to do well for you too.

Adam Wright

Managing Partner