Creating an engaging website to reflect the modern banking experience

NexTier Bank is a Community Bank with 30+ branch locations spread throughout Pennsylvania that has a deep dedication to being a business leader and a responsible corporate citizen, in the communities they serve. NexTier helps local families and businesses achieve their financial goals, and by giving back to the community through employee volunteerism, donations, and fundraising.

NexTier Bank

The Ask.

NexTier Bank asked us to create a website which reflected the modern banking experience and enabled customers to quickly find key information, search for branches closest to them, and take advantage of the learning resources in the Education Center.

Project Goals

Showcasing the firm’s dedication to the community

It was imperative to express that NexTier Bank’s emphasis on the community they serve is central to everything they do.

Fully leverage HubSpot

NexTier Bank needed a more personalized, engaging way to interact with and keep track of prospective customers

Appeal across generations

The bank needed a digital presence which resonated across generations and was reflective of the technological expertise modern customers expect from their banks.

Make finding key information quick and easy to find

Like any bank, NexTier has troves of different types of accounts for their customers; we needed to create a user flow which helped visitors find the information they needed...quickly.

How we made it happen

Bringing NexTier Bank’s vision to life

In order to revamp NexTier Bank’s website into a digital experience that was compelling for potential and current customers alike, we started from scratch to reimagine everything from the way content was organized to how customer inquiries were routing. Leading with strategy and careful attention to detail, we created an immersive website experience that has a systematic taxonomy to help visitors find information across the site. Additionally, we built functionality using latitude/longitude coordinates to build a custom store locator, customized HubSpot intake forms so the inquiries automatically get routed to the right department, and made “I Want To…” links in the menu for quick access to the most important pages. Then, we optimized the entire website experience for mobile.

The Process

1Discovery & Research

We conduct discovery sessions to get an initial understanding of your brand and the target audiences we are designing for.

Shows what works well and what doesn't work on peer sites so we can use what is relevant for inspiration and be sure to avoid pitfalls common in the industry.

Information Architecture

The pages and corresponding hierarchy of a website; this is crafted for optimal user flow and to ensure no page is more than a few clicks away.

Discovery & Research



Black and white designs to show functionality and layout of pages. 

Initial ideation to generate ideas for the look and feel of the site and ensure we are aligned on the visual tone before beginning putting "pen to paper" in the design phase.

Color, fonts, graphics integrated in wireframes to create a dynamic, clickthrough prototype.

Font and color specifications used on the website so you can be consistent across collateral.



Staging Site

During development we built the site on a "staging environment", you will have access to this environment and can leave comments for any revisions you would like made.

Personalized video letting you know how you will update and maintain your site.

We create a custom analytics dashboard that will be sent to you at the beginning of every month so you can get a full understanding of how your website is performing; just the key data points so you can quickly read this.

Thinking ahead

In order to ensure this website serves NexTier Bank for years to come, we made the site easy to update so that the firm could keep their content current and as needed new functionality can be built on top of the existing infrastructure.

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