Have you ever clicked on a link or typed in a URL only to be greeted by a page that tells you the content you’re looking for is unavailable? Also known as the most frustrating thing ever. You guessed it, this issue is a 404 Error, and a lot of people experience these errors, not just you. A 404 Error is one of the most common error messages you can encounter online. Whether you are a website developer or a casual internet user, understanding 404 errors can help you navigate the internet with more ease and confidence.


A 404 Error is an HTTP status code that indicates that the server could not find the page or resource that you are requesting. The content that you are actively looking for is either no longer available, has been moved to a new location, or never existed in the first place.


● The URL was mistyped or entered incorrectly
● The server is down or experiencing technical difficulties
● The website has been redesigned
● The content has been moved to a new location
● The page or resource was removed or deleted
● The server never existed


Double check the URL – URL’s can be tricky, and it is easy for them to be mistyped due to their awkward nature. Go slowly to make sure you have not skipped any letters, numbers, or symbols. If you clicked a link directly, try copying and pasting the URL into your browser instead.

Use a search engine – Running a search engine check is a great way to quickly fix this issue because if the content you are looking for has been moved to a new location, this is how you will find it. Quick search engines can be run on whatever platform engine you prefer.

Contact the website owner – If you think that the content you are looking for should be available, but you are still receiving the 404 error, contact the owner pf the website. Usually, a website owner or administrator will be available for help, and they will then be made aware of this issue to help others.

Try again later – If the server is experiencing technical difficulties this could be a temporary issue. Technical difficulties can often be resolved by themselves with time. Wait a few minutes or hours before trying to access the content again.


404 errors are everybody’s least favorite surprise when trying to access something. This common occurrence on the web brings defeat but there are ways to figure out why it is happening and how you can attempt to fix it. 404 errors do not mean that it is the end of the road. Be proactive and power through that roadblock. Website developers need to understand the importance of ensuring their website is free of 404 errors to provide the best possible experience for all users. The next time you experience a 404 error as a casual internet user, no need to panic. You are a pro now and have countless solutions to fix your problem.

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