Create a Memorable Online Experience

Every school website we create is unique. Your website is an extension of your school brand, so its authenticity is a priority for us. We want your school website to be a source of pride that highlights the caliber of your school and the experience it offers. When your students, parents, faculty, and alumni visit you online, they should feel honored to be a part of your community.

Update Website Content Easily

Schools communicate a lot of information to their community – events, news, registration details. Being able to update your content on-demand is crucial to avoid staff, student, family, and alumni frustration with outdated or missing information. We provide you with all the tools and tutorials you need to update content, create new pages and make design tweaks seamlessly on your own. And if you ever need an extra hand, we’re always here to help.

Maintain Functionality on Any Device

A common complaint schools receive is that their website only works well on computers but not on phones. Use of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets is on the rise with each new class of students and parents. Our school websites meet students and parents on their terms, where and how they want to engage.

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Systems

Your school’s website likely needs to integrate with other digital information systems – parent portals, learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), school event and academic calendars. Since we specialize in school websites, our team is well-versed in creating seamless integrations. We’ll even proactively identify opportunities to optimize these tools, uncovering leverage you didn’t know you had.

Enable Team Collaboration

Often schools have multiple team members who edit and publish website content, but each person’s needs may vary. Whether your school has one person with editorial power or 100, we build your website with tiered administrator access that allows you to manage team collaboration. You’ll be able to give each team member access that suits their individual editorial needs.

Achieve Best-in-Class Performance

School websites that load quickly, have minimal down time and are secure perform better with their target audiences. Our support team ensures your school website is always available to current and potential students and families. We offer a suite of support services tailored to your needs, including high quality web hosting with 99.9% web uptime, weekly backups, as well as malware and virus scanning for protection from hackers.


Recent Projects


Hudson Way Immersion School

Crafting new digital strategy to increase applications

After 10 years of working with developers who have an answer for nothing and an excuse for everything, it’s a dream to work with the folks at Creatotech. With minimal effort on our part, we were able to address, and have them address, all of our concerns and perfectly tailor their work to our desires.


Zachary Block

Director of Communications
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One proven process. Countless happy clients.

We have a lot of success stories to tell––but every one starts the same way: by listening to our clients and leading with our strategic process.

We learn who you are and where you’re trying to go. Then we figure out how your website can help get you there. In the process, we learn everything we can about your brand and the organization, products, targets, and competition that surround it.

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We use the website strategy we created just for you to create a design that achieves your goals while delighting your visitors. Your website is designed to be beautiful, authentic, and strategically organized for a seamless user experience.

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We bring your website to life. Every website we develop uses the latest and greatest technology and coding practices to ensure a long and fruitful life online. We build an easy-to-update, mobile responsive website that looks and functions perfectly regardless of the browser or device your visitors use.

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We make managing your website easy, but we stick around if you need us. We equip you with all the tools you need to confidently manage your website after launch. If you’d rather not, we understand. Our team can step in at any time to help with post-launch optimization and updates.

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