Winn Wittman Architecture Overview

Winn Wittman is an internationally renowned architect who designs award-winning, contemporary homes in Texas. Winn works with a select group of clientele each year, designing contemporary homes starting at $1M. The site emphasizes Winn’s unique ability to understand the clients’ needs and wishes, and to translate that understanding into a dream home to love.

Key Problems

  • He was barely getting one lead per month through his website, and he didn’t want to spend a bunch of time chasing sales. He needed to create a website that was a lead engine, effortlessly bringing quality leads straight to his inbox.
  • The leads Winn was getting from his website were not qualified to necessary be able to sign on for his services. This led to lots of wasted time and resources chasing down leads which never had the potential to convert.

Our Approach

  • Our goal was to create as many leads as possible. Calls-to-action on every page were essential; a user should never struggle to get more information. We mapped out in detail how users would naturally flow through the website to reach conversion points, and we created both macro and micro conversion goals to appeal to users in different stages of the sales funnel.
  • Thoughtfully-placed value adds were the key to creating warm leads that Winn could easily convert to high-paying clients. We created checklists for both residential and commercial home buyers that people could download in exchange for sharing their email address. The numbers speak for themselves. Previously, Winn was getting around 15 leads per year, and they weren’t necessarily the type of leads he wanted to get. After the redesign, in the first nine months alone Winn got 72 high-quality leads generated directly from the website (we’re not even counting the additional phone calls and direct emails). That’s a 540% increase in sales generated online. This allowed Winn to select the leads he most wanted to work with.

How we helped:

User Research

Through a series of collaborative human-centered-design exercises, we got a deep understanding of the visitors' background, motivations, and pain points.

Content Strategy

We helped ensure the website had an authentic voice which was clear and consistent throughout the site. The sitemap was constructed to ensure no pages were more than a few clicks away.


We created a sleek, modern design aesthetic which was tailored to help achieves the business objectives aligned on during the beginning of the project.


The site was built with mobile responsiveness in mind so there is no diminishment of the user experience regardless of device or browser. We leveraged HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery and built this on top of the WordPress CMS to ensure it is seamless to update content.


After launch, we provided all the tools and tutorials needed to maintain the website, but we have helped out with analytics tracking, security monitoring, and adding new pages.

I found developers who were good at the back-end organization of the website but had no artistic vision or vice-versa. Creatotech has that rare combination of technical mastery and artistic sensibility.

Winn Wittman

CEO and Founder