Developing a refreshed digital presence helping a Community Foundation communicate with donors, grantees, and community members.

The Foundation for Delaware County partners with others to lead initiatives and programs that address the issues and challenges faced by Delaware County and its people. Through smart philanthropy and informed decision-making, they invest in truly effective nonprofit organizations that help the county and offer top rate philanthropic services to donors.

The Foundation of Delaware County

The Ask.

Having hundreds of pages of content on their website, The Foundation for Delaware County asked us to build a site which made finding key information intuitive as well as making a more creative and engaging visual design.

Project Goals

Make finding key information quick and easy to find

Like most foundations, TFDC has troves of different types of grant programs and information for community members; we needed to create a user flow which helped visitors find the information they needed...quickly.

Appeal across target audiences

The foundation needed a digital presence which resonated across donors, grantees, and community members seeking information on the site

Make the site feel interactive

Through a number of different elements, making browsing on the site feel like a compelling, interactive experience was a focus.

Enable flexibility for site to continue evolving

Through creation of a module library, the site is configured to be able to grow and evolve as the Foundation needs to present new copy over the years.

How we made it happen

Bringing The Foundation’s vision to life

Together with the extremely talented team at Landesberg Design that managed the design of the site, we transformed their vision into a multidimensional website that incorporates a scaleable information architecture and backend. The result is a beautiful, highly interactive website that allows site visitors to find the information most important to them seamlessly. Additionally, we optimized the entire site for mobile, making hyper-specific tweaks to improve every touchpoint for digital visitors.

Thinking ahead

In order to ensure this website serves The Foundation for Delaware County for years to come, we made the site easy to update so that the museum can keep their content current and continuously post their most recent events, exhibit news, and learning opportunities.

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