Bringing years of research of how communities can become more resilient into an interactive online resource

Resilience United was founded to make community resilience more proactive, understandable, customizable and ultimately, more achievable. More than bouncing back from adversity, their goals are to make prevention a key element of resilience and to help communities deal with stressors such as natural disasters, community violence, mental health, and climate change.

Resilience United

The Ask.

Resilience United wanted us to distill their years of research and organize it into an easy-to-understand resource which would help key community stakeholders make their communities more resilient.

Project Goals

Make the program easy to action

Knowing that most of the website visitors would not be able to read through all of the research, the Resilience United team wanted to organize their program online into an easily digestible format

Help visitors find exercises to do in their communities

Through search features, filters, and instinctive navigation options we created a section which allows visitors to exercises (PDFs, Videos, and Word Doc) created by Resilience United to facilitate resilience building in communities across the country.

Resonate with key target audiences

In order to ensure key target audiences knew this site would be actionable them, we highlighted the 4 main ways the program is used (natural disasters, community violence, mental health, and climate change) and created case studies.

Make the site feel interactive

Through a number of different elements, making browsing on the site feel like a compelling, interactive experience was a focus.

How we made it happen

Together with the extremely talented team at Landesberg Design that managed the design of the site, we helped build a site from the ground up which ultimately helps communities become more resilient to difficult stressors. We started from scratch to reimagine everything from the way content was organized to how visitors would filter in the resource library. We custom-built interactive elements and an online community forum that would help Resilience United engage with visitors deeply. Then, we optimized the entire website experience for mobile.

Thinking ahead

In order to ensure this website serves Resilience United for years to come, we made the site easy to update so that the firm could keep their content current and continuously post the latest resources, case studies, and updates for their visitors.

More case studies

We’re constantly adding new projects and collaborations to our portfolio.