About Our Client

Flynn Construction was founded in 1989 by Thomas O’Connor. Their market includes commercial, restaurant, retail, health and fitness clubs, corporate interiors, hospitality, government, and historic preservation. They specialize in fast-track construction in high-stress environments.

Presented Challenges

  • Our Client wanted to continue where they left off to fully build out their client portal.
  • They had a strong interest in starting search engine optimization (SEO).

Our Approach

  • We designed and developed a client portal to allow for reporting and photography uploads/downloads.
  • We began to start an on-page and off-page search engine optimization campaign, providing reports and aiming to target the desired traffic and clients.
  • We started making a blogging environment to help complement the SEO strategy as well.

We have A LOT of success stories...

What's our secret? Every one starting the same way!

We hosted their domain name internally, which allows for a seamless transition and no interruption of services.


We made sure every effort was made to keep our client's website safe and secure. By doing so, we put their website on our Cloud Servers which allowed for maximum security and the advantages of a dedicated server (as opposed to shared servers), along with multiple layers of privacy protection with unlimited data storage and bandwidth.


We learned who our client is and where they were trying to go. Then, we figure out how their website can help get them there. In the process, we learned everything we could about their brand, organization, products, targets, and competition that surround it.


We used the website strategy we created just for our client to create a design that achieved their goals while delighting their visitors/users. Their website was designed to be beautiful, authentic, and strategically organized for a seamless user experience.


We brought our client's website to life. Every website we develop uses the latest and greatest technology and coding practices to ensure a long and fruitful life online. We built an easy-to-update, mobile responsive website that looks and functions perfectly regardless of the browser or device their visitors used.


Ongoing Maintenance is the best defense against different software used to build websites and search engine algorithms constantly changing and adapting. We had a trained Software Engineer on hand to monitor the website which was necessary to make updates to continue optimal performance and proactively seek opportunities to improve the site.


SEO is central to our client's website’s visibility. It is an important way of communicating with Google and other search engines to prove the relevance of their site for users and their search queries. We conducted an Audit to get a better understanding on what needs improved.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Creatotech to design our new company website. From taking the time to understand our company and goals to concept generation to launch, the whole process was first class.

Chrissy T.