Building an interactive digital presence to showcases custom built museum exhibits available for rental or purchase.

Transforming education through innovative and inclusive museum experiences

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is an immersive and innovative museum dedicated to creating inclusive and joyful experiences that spark creativity and curiosity in the minds and hearts of young learners. This site is used by their exhibit design team to showcase the exhibits they have designed in-house which are available for other institutions (eg, schools, hospitals, other museums) to rent or buy.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Exhibit Rental

The Ask.

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh team wanted to migrate their site from Squarespace to WordPress, in order to create a more manageable backend experience, as well as flexibility for a more creative and engaging visual design.

Project Goals

Ensure the site is easy to update over time

By switching the site from Squarespace to Wordpress, we were able to deliver a more user-friendly, adaptable site, which saves time for the admin team as content changes.

Improve the exhibit browsing experience

It was critical to ensure the digital browsing experience of the many different exhibits was intuitive and enjoyable.

Make the digital experience as lively as the museum experience

We used unexpected hover and scrolling effects throughout the site to ensure that the museum’s digital presence was energetic, playful, and anything but boring.

Carry forward a consistent brand from the parent site

Through consistent UX elements across this site and, we wanted to ensure the browsing experience felt consistent for visitors that might be visiting both of the sites.

How we made it happen

Bringing CMP’s vision to life

Together with the extremely talented team at Landesberg Design that managed the design of the site, we transformed their vision into a multidimensional website that both incorporates unique elements and simplifies admin for the museum team. The result is a beautiful, highly interactive website that captures visitors’ interest with custom-built development details and holds their attention with special consideration for inclusivity, navigation, and ease of use. Additionally, we optimized the entire site for mobile, making hyper-specific tweaks to improve every touchpoint for digital visitors

Thinking ahead

In order to ensure this website serves the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh for years to come, we made the site easy to update so that the museum can keep their content current and continuously post their most recent events, exhibit news, and learning opportunities.

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